Mauritius Hotels and Resorts - Mauritius is the most accessible island in the Indian Ocean, boasting as much tropical paradise as Maui or Martinique and, better still, offering it at a bargain price. Though nestled up alongside Africa, it's actually more influenced by its British and French ties and massive Indian workforce.

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Les Framboises Mauritius
Bain Boeuf - North Coast Mauritius
Hotel Rating:

Villa (Intimate and comfortable, with a magnificent sea view) found on the beach in a small fenced garden.

Les Framboises Mauritius
Villa: 4 adults

ACCOMMODATION: There are 2 double air-conditioned rooms with bathroom and toilet.

Les Framboises - Bedroom
Les Framboises - Living Room

Living room with television and video. Fully equipped kitchen with microwave and oven. Large terrace and a small garden, overlooking the sea. Ideal to watch sun set and for BBQ.

4 and 5 star hotels, restaurants, shops, telephone boot and bus stop nearby.

Les Framboises - Terrace

Facilities provided: Cleaning from Monday to Friday, 24-hour security.

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