Spain Hotels and Resorts - Although historical sites and unique cultural features had always made Spain attractive to foreign visitors, the tourist takeoff began in the mid-1950s. This shooting off was based primarily on the recreational assets of the Mediterranean seashore areas. The country had fewer than 1 million tourists in 1950, but this number has been increased steadily, reaching more than 34 million in 1973, and more than 50 million in 2003.

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Hispanos Siete Suiza Barcelona Spain
Sicilia st. 255 08025 Barcelona Spain
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We have created a new point of elegance near to Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, a meeting place for lovers of luxury, comfort and glamour in vintage cars. Apartamentos Hispanos Siete Suiza is a completely new concept in catering and hotel accommodation, whose goal is to offer our clients all the exclusive privacy of fully equiped apartments in one of Barcelona's finest areas with all the comfort of a five star hotel.
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Hispanos Siete Suiza Barcelona Spain

ACCOMMODATION: Just like in your own home, or better. At Hispanos Siete Suiza, we offer you 19 beautiful apartments with special attention to every little detail to ensure you complete comfort during your stay. Know its characteristics and there choose the one that better adapts to your needs: Apartment of 65 square meters.With two double bedrooms, With easy-to-regulate air conditioning and heating, Two fully equipped marble bathrooms, Hairdryer, Massage shower, Music, TV with satellite and digital connections, Internet and video-conferencing connections, Minibar, Safe, Fully equipped kitchen, Daily cleaning of apartments, Daily purchasing service, Café and restaurant with private rooms and
Private garage with parking service.

Hispanos Siete Suiza Barcelona Spain - Accommodation
Hispanos Siete Suiza Barcelona Spain - Accommodation
Hispanos Siete Suiza Barcelona Spain - Accommodation

HOTEL FACILITIES & SERVICES: The cuisine had to be to the same high standards as the apartments and to that end an effort has been made to please all the senses. This commences with the sense of taste, an exquisite selection of the best products of market cooked with a personal style, and extends to the sense of sight with a warm and welcoming aesthetic decor which provides a charming setting for the art of good eating. The entrance for the general public is directly from calle Sicilia.

Hispanos Siete Suiza Barcelona Spain - Reception
Hispanos Siete Suiza Barcelona Spain - Coffebar
Hispanos Siete Suiza Barcelona Spain - Restaurant
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